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Here you can find various visualisation plugins for AmigaAMP v2.3 and up. If you want to write your own plugins, please download the AmigaAMP Plugin Development Kit v1.4!

You need at least AmigaAMP 2.3 to be able to use the plugins shown below! Click on the thumbnail screenshot to download the corresponding archive.
You can either start the plugins by double clicking on their icons while AmigaAMP is running or via AmigaAMP's built in plugin menu.

Plugin Screenshot Wide Spectrometer v1.0   (26.12.1999) by Thomas Wenzel
This is the example plugin from the Plugin Development Kit.

Plugin Screenshot Fullscreen Spectrometer v1.3   (05.04.1999) by Thomas Wenzel
Same as above but full screen and with mirror effect. CyberGraphX or Picasso96 required!

Plugin Screenshot VisFS v1.3   (27.11.1999) by Stefan Ohlsson
Nice scope-trace like spectrograph and pretty fast, too.
This plugin can run on a native Amiga screen using the copper for the colour-gradient.

Plugin Screenshot NeonBars v1.3   (22.02.2000) by Thomas Wenzel
Fluorescent, neon-illuminated bars dancing on blue plasma.
This is my first 3D accelerated plugin. Warp3D required!

Plugin Screenshot PlasmaPlugin v1.1   (27.02.1999) by Jan Uerpmann
Hot steamin' plasma effect!
This plugin runs on a 640x480x8bit screen.

Plugin Screenshot SpecFX v1.0   (02.03.1999) by Thomas Wenzel
Highly configurable truecolor plugin running in a black, borderless window on your Workbench. Preferences editor included.
(Click here for screenshot)

Plugin Screenshot FlutterPlugin v1.1   (08.12.1999) by Martyn Capewell
Small windowed plugin displaying arrow-shaped lines.

Plugin Screenshot RainbowPlugin v1.0   (08.12.1999) by Martyn Capewell
Displays frequency spectrum in a window, with colour spreads from left to right, and left/right channels represented by red/blue layers.

Plugin Screenshot Speakers v0.6   (06.06.2000) by Lukasz Lica
Two animated speakers that automatically attach to your AmigaAMP window in an intelligent way! Very cool!

Plugin Screenshot Waves of the Future v3.1   by Stian Strøm(22.08.2000)
Very nice ripple-wave effect on a purple plasma surface. This plugin requires Warp3D!

Plugin Screenshot DudeRock v1.0   by Stian Strøm(10.12.1999)
DudeRock is a simple plugin for AmigaAmp with a rocking head. This plugin requires Warp3D!

Plugin Screenshot Blur Plugin v1.1   (08.12.1999) by Martyn Capewell
Displays frequency spectrum in a window, with some nice bluring and fading.
68060 recommended.

Plugin Screenshot Cover Plugin v1.1   (08.12.1999) by Martyn Capewell
Displays the cover of the album from which the current song is from. Requires Covers: assign, from which the cover images are taken. Cover images may be of any size or format (as long as you have the appropriate datatypes installed).

Plugin Screenshot The Trance Tunnel v2.1   by Stian Strøm(09.08.2000)
This is a tunnel with flashing, glowing and swirling walls. It's dark, it's all around you and it looks damn cool. It's a ... well ... Trance Tunnel :)

Plugin Screenshot Subspace v1.1   (10.11.2000) by Thomas Wenzel
Do you like Geiss or G-Force for WinAMP? Don't miss this breathtaking trip into ... subspace! PPC and fast gfx card required. This plugin is Open Source!

Plugin Screenshot WaterPlugin v1.0   (09.08.2000) by Lukasz Lica
This one is similar to FullSpectrum but it looks much better! It's a very colourful spectrograph right in the middle of a nice mountain/lake scene. WarpUP v4, Warp3D v3 and Datatypes v43 required!

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